Ban appeal
Actual IG Name: hazzenator
Nick Name: hazzenator
Ban Date: 18/07/2017
Reason of Ban (What was stated as your reason): rule 5
Detail of why you should be unbanned: I was mining by my base when an admin logged on and banned me with little to no reason. After some investigation I found out rule5 is hacking which is a joke in my opinion. I have never hacked on Minecraft for years and I personally spend time helping servers find hackers. I would like more info which leads to this supposed ban. I do not hack and I despise hackers, the fact I have been accused is disappointing.
Hello hazzenator, Kyraticate (was AquaCrystalGamer) and Whrexxy

I am the one that called for an Admin to log on to the server and help me out.
Reason being that I called for him is that I saw you and your friends recently logged on to the server for the first time while I was at warp shops.
I found it a little suspicious that three guys who recently logged on for the first time had full diamond armour so I waited till you went mining.
What I saw at first seemed normal and thought that, that could just be luck to dig straight down and find a cave with a skeleton spawner.
But when your friends and you went mining that's where it got weird, you dug down a few blocks and just started digging in one direction for about 20 blocks or so till you ended up at diamonds.
Still after that I didn't think that was enough evidence so I stuck around, till I saw you all three heading in the same direction and found yet another diamond ore, and then another one shortly after that. So I was sure you were using x-ray and I took some screenshots to help me prove it.


Looking at the screenshots and looking at the strip-mines, I (and two other Admins, one including Mathias) concluded that you and your friends were X-Raying, due to the dodgy layout of the mines.
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I can confirm I was not using X-Ray and I have not used that form of hack for about 1 year. please can you show me other evidence bar a photo of mine which you cannot prove to be mine.
Also the last screenshot proves nothing - we dug in similar directions as a race and the diamond ore was unknown to us. We wanted to race and see who could dig 100 blocks in their direction the fastest.
-> That would "explain" one case of Diamond Ore being found (which is frankly a terrible excuse and I don't believe it)
-> There were several instances of diamonds found in a weird manor.
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