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Yes, I would play on this server.
12 63.16%
No, I would not play in this server.
7 36.84%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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Accepted Exhibit Mc factions.
The idea is...

There will be a server connected to our main server through a bung cord that would have like 10 player slots and it would be factions .

But first off what is factions?
factions is a game mode where the point is to raid pillage and destroy anything on you path to become the richest team on the server. but you can't just walk up and break the area with a pickaxe no nono the area is protected from everything but... TNT meaning you need to make TNT cannons in order to destroy and raid the other players.

But how would you join this other server?
Most likely it would be through a command like /factions or be able to that and have another ip that you can also type /Sur to join.

What about ranks.
Ranks would carry over but in a factions style giving you things typical factions ranks would and Sur stuff as well for the same price. Would this mess with the main server? no it would not ☺.

I'll will be making a poll please vote fairly and give your opinion below. Thank you.
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For anyone who may be slightly confused, let me clarify. This does NOT in any way impact the main server. It does NOT mean that anyone can raid your base. This would simply be a stepping stone for further expansion.
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Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks to everyone who voted.
I'll be discussing this with Joe when he's free (which should be tomorrow).
Sorry for the REALLY late reply by the way. I'll try to get back to you guys as soon as possible.
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So I talked it out with Origin, whether or not we should have a Factions server.
I'm happy to announce that Exhibit Minecraft will be expanding to Faction Wars!
It might take some time getting there, but we are expanding and we are planning to start as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated.
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